What Do We Think?
What Do We Think?
Think Together to Act Together ®

Thinking together is the most effective way for a group to plan, decide, and act together. Thinking together allows the group to:

  • Establish the priorities that will guide the group's work.
  • Gather and evaluate all the relevant facts.
  • Draw on the combined experience of all members.
  • Develop mutual respect among the members for each other's interests and perspectives.
  • Find common ground and propose win-win solutions.

This groundwork is critical for effective planning and decision-making. Doing this groundwork can be overwhelming--especially when the group is large and complex issues arise.

Groups need help. We've created a structured, outcome-driven dialogue process called Curated Feedback that improves a group's ability to think together effectively and efficiently.

Curated Feedback ‚Äčis a semi-automated process for selecting, organizing, analyzing, and recording (SOAR) information generated in the course of group work such as planning and decision-making. It consists of a repeating cycle with these three stages:

  1. Elicit feedback from small dialogue groups.
  2. Organize, summarize, and analyze the feedback.
  3. Circulate this feedback within the larger group to elicit new feedback.

With each cycle, your group's understanding is expanded, refined, and documented. Curated Feedback manages the dialogue process so your group can focus on doing the real work: thinking together.

WhatDoWeThink? is a flexible collaboration app built around the Curated Feedback process. It is:

  • Adaptable to any collaboration challenge from a simple meeting to complex proposal development.
  • Accommodates small teams as well as large communities.
  • Works everywhere a group collaborates including face-to-face, online, chat, and email.

Contact us to learn how WhatDoWeThink? can help your group Think Together to Act Together.

Here are two processes that are built using the WhatDoWeThink? app.

21st Century Deliberation

Please watch this short video about 21st Century Deliberation to see how
WhatDoWeThink? helps groups Think Together to Act Together.

Curated Email makes thinking together as easy and convenient as using email.

Curated Email uses Curated Feedback to power an innovative email-based process that lets you easily, effectively, and efficiently collaborate with your community via email.

  • Participants simply reply to your email, there are no barriers to participation like signing up, learning a new website or guessing what to do next.
  • All the emails are exchanged through our system, so say "goodbye" to out-of-control group emails and hard-to-follow email chains.
  • The process is completely transparent and open so participants can trust the process and even assist you.

Here's how Curated Email works:

  1. Enter your message and your recipients.
  2. The message is sent to the recipients.
  3. Recipients simply reply to the email.
  4. All replies go directly to us to avoid overflowing everyone's inbox.
  5. The reply comments are automatically highlighted for easy review.
  6. Curated Feedback helps you organize your group's replies and make sense of them.
  7. This feedback helps you refine the message to reflect the group's thinking.
  8. Send this revised message to the group.
  9. Repeat until your group can say "We agree!"

WhatDoWeThink? connects people everywhere they talk.

Issues aren't resolved in one meeting, so we strive to work across every form of communication your group uses to provide the reach, depth and time required to achieve the best outcome.

Contact us to learn how WhatDoWeThink? can help your group Think Together to Act Together.